Managing investments can be a real challenge when considering changing market patterns, extensive risk assessments, limited data access, and time-consuming calculations. However, with advanced technology solutions, you can automate complex accounting, portfolio management, and asset reporting processes. All you need to do is choose a reliable transaction management software service provider. This article will identify the best investment management solutions and highlight their main advantages.

What is investment management software?

The purpose of investment management software is to manage financial investments. It is responsible for automating the following operations:

  • Portfolio management
  • Analysis of securities
  • Order management
  • Performance measurement
  • Financial asset tracking

The main customers of such programs are traders, investment advisors, and alternative investment management software, providers. All platforms differ in features and pricing but have one common goal – to help companies or individual investors make better financial decisions regarding investing. Below we highlight a list of the best investment management software.

Personal Capital Review

Personal Capital is an online portfolio management solution with a wide range of features for investment portfolio management, financial planning, and goal tracking. In addition, the app is free. Its features include:

  • Savings Planner – Assists in accelerating retirement goals
  • Organization tool – effectively manage your expenses and categorize them by category, date, and vendor
  • Cash Flow Tracker – you’ll be able to track your cash flow throughout the month
  • Education planning tool – help you determine how much money you need for pricing
  • Investment Verification Tool -helps you avoid risk and optimizes profits

Quicken Premier Review

Quicken is a pretty recognizable brand in the market for equity portfolio management solutions, while Quicken Premier serves as investment management, expense tracking, and budgeting tool. You can also use it to track mortgages and credit card information. It’s a fairly flexible solution that allows you to access your data from any device, on the go, or from home. The program provides features such as:

  • Stock Watch Lists -you can create lists of stocks quickly and easily, so you don’t miss out on any profitable opportunities
  • Investment cost previews – can help you better understand real market returns
  • Export transactions – allows you to efficiently export transactions from Excel
  • Speedy reporting – reports can be sent immediately via email
  • Accounts Dashboard – it shows all your important reminders

Morningstar Portfolio Manager Overview

Morningstar Portfolio Manager is designed for personal and professional use so that individual investors can benefit from it. Its list of major features includes:

  • Detailed Asset Overview – All financial assets are tracked and provide an overview of their price, market value, and distribution percentages
  • Morningstar X-Ray feature is a useful tool to display all your investments, including asset information
  • Advanced Premium Package Tools – If you want to subscribe to a premium provider package, you’ll open up additional features in the form of fund and stock screening, fundamental analysis ratios, detailed portfolio interpretation, expense analysis, and more

Mint Review

Mint is designed for personal use and allows you to track expenses, create budgets and monitor your investments. The solution has an intuitive interface and easy navigation. In addition, mint is very flexible and offers integration with more than 2,000 financial institutions, yet its services are free.

Its features are:

  • Mintsights TM – alerts you to save you’ve missed
  • Budget Planner – helps you increase your savings
  • Credit Rating – always available to view
  • The flexibility of use – provide seamless access to your data from any space and OS

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